Our first Camp program was focused on companies building chat-based products and conversational interfaces. 

The explosion of messaging-based interfaces, combined with advancements in machine intelligence, means we’re at a point where these bots are no longer just clever parlor tricks, they can be incredibly useful tools for improving productivity and helping people work together more effectively.


May 5, 2016

Camp Began

August 8, 2016

Camp Ended

November 3, 2016

Demo Day

Cohort Demos



Conversational Interfaces


Visual Interfaces

Cube Dev

Conversational Interfaces

Hugging Face

Conversational Interfaces


After A Rocky Romance, Can We Commit To Bots With Professional Benefits?

Ainsely Harris
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Patrick Montague
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Betaworks’ botcamp wants to give 10 chatbot startups $200k

Jordan Crook
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Building bots for Brands.

James Cooper
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