A frontier tech accelerator focused on the visual computing space.

With the ubiquity of cameras and motion sensors, and the advent of computer vision technology, we were investigating what it meant for a camera to not only capture its environment, but to be able to understand and augment what it is looking at.

Visioncamp was focused on AR, computer vision, and ‘camera-first’ products/services — everything that becomes possible when the camera knows what it is looking at. This mode of interaction between people and technology was evolving at a rapid pace, empowering users to accomplish more in various contexts, and unlocking new behaviors. 


October 10, 2017

Camp Began

April 3, 2018

Camp Ended

April 3, 2018

Demo Day

Cohort Demos


Trash TV

Visual Interfaces


Visual Interfaces


Visual Interfaces


Playable Media / Live

Camera IQ

Visual Interfaces


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Jordan Crook
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Fahim Abouelfadl
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The State of Mobile AR: A Platform Overview

Peter Rojas and Sibjeet Mahapatra
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